Journaling means that you are promising to be honest with yourself as you plan, untangle, and dream. The idea of finding yourself in the mess of ideas and stories in your mind isn’t easy, it is like exercising for the first time. You are using part of your mind that is out of practice. When we are little we are completely ourselves, but as we spend more time in the lives of others we start to mold to fit other people’s perceptions of us are. We create these short hands to find people who we are similar to, our friends, we also use them as ways of quantifying where we fit in a social situation. Journaling asks that you acknowledge these stories and then look beyond them to the whole self. This is done with difficult questions that we put on paper, it is done with sprite walking where you let your mind pass through the socially structured thoughts and move further into the freethinking time where your mind flows as it naturally wants with no expectations.

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